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Lifeline Care Association

Lifeline Care Association is a duly registered not-for-profit organisation in Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 18412) offering free emergency rescue services to victims of road traffic accidents.

The Charity was founded in 2005 by Dr. Nkem Momah, a Medical Doctor who himself was a victim of a ghastly road traffic accident. Buoyed by the timely intervention of a benevolent ordinary passerby, he was inspired to give back to the society soon after his full recovery.

We have been involved in over 400 road traffic crash emergency rescue operations and have recorded over 1500 beneficiaries since we commenced operations.


We maintain a daily ambulance parking routine and respond promptly to distress calls routed to our helpline 0809-USE-LIFE (0809-873-5433)
anywhere within the city of Abuja.
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Senior Secondary Schools’ First Aid Training

This represents the Charity’s efforts at inculcating young children with requisite first aid skill to enable them advise and respond confidently in some emergency situations whilst also imbuing in them a sense of humanity and a disposition to charity. This is a sponsored event carried out free for participating students.

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This is our flagship fitness event aimed at keeping participants particularly drivers fit whilst also creating awareness about safe driving with the distribution of flyers to road users along the walk routes and short pep talk by eligible personnel at the take-off park.

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This is a quasi-medical outreach to motor parks for the purpose of conducting free eye and blood pressure test for the drivers and giving private and general medical counselling, recommendations and referrals. The programme makes use of volunteer medical doctors and health practitioners. The goal here is to advise the appropriate agency on the proper issuing of drivers’ license, ensure only drivers with right vision are allowed to drive and consequently set an agenda in this regard.

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This a formal event where the general public is invited to participate in a lecture where critical issues around road safety management, policy formulation and rules enforcement are dissected under the guidance of relevant keynote speakers and lead discussants. The safety workshop component of the event pays attention to key stakeholders in the road safety industry – FRSC, VIO, NPF, NEMA, NURTW etc.

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